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Annoying Lack of Sex in "Review This Book"

As I read Reviews of This Book, I was struck by the references to worms, toilet paper and taking the reviewer out and shooting him. The overarching themes are clearly death and the body as decay - shit, food for worms. I cannot deny these themes are present, however:

Most reviewers in RTB are apt to take themselves much too seriously, as RTB is clearly a fun enterprise, light entertainment of the first stripe, and a situation in which shooting the reviewers would constititititute a violation of the underlying but not-thoroughly-explored theme of the joy of recursion. What are we to make of this paradoxical juxtaposition of tone?

Please also note, that if we exclude this review of Reviews of This Book, we find no mention of one of the main supporting characters in the RTB universe, no use of the word "H(+5) O(+3) F(+14) S(-4) T(-2) A(+19) D(+11) T(-11) E(+14) R(-13)" at all on the review page. This reviewer has to ask, "How did this happen?"

Reviews of This Book is homage to Douglas H'r, and the failure of any reviewer to utilize mention this one character, no matter how slow or green he might be, is so bizarre as to constitute a possible intentional omission, a conspiracy of anti-reptile extremists.

I hope a review by a non-member is acceptable to you.

With all respect,
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